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"Fall" - Opening: Saturday, September 21, starting at 11am 

The year is divided equally between the four seasons, but in the subjective sense the autumn continued no more than few weeks. The fall and it's amorphously can be a parable to all the other things in life that pass faster than we would like it to. The desire to continue and to hold on to something (real or conceptual) in order to extend its duration is one of the challenges that every human being faces.

Meeting with with the artist Gunter Demnig, founder of Stolperstein

On Monday, April 9th, 2018 there was a meeting in Gottesman Etching Center with the artist Gunter Demnig, founder of Stolperstein.


Stolperstein is a cobblestone-size (10 by 10 centimetres (3.9 in × 3.9 in)) concrete cube bearing a brass plate inscribed with the name and life dates of victims of Nazi extermination or persecution

The presentation and discussion was followed by workshop with Cabri's teachers and pupils.

Photo Etching

For those interested, we sell film for photographic etching – new material with fantastic results! 
You are invited to contact us for details.

The upper gallery contains a selection of prints

by artists working in the Center, especially recently.  The works range from small to large, color and monochrome, the product of complex techniques as well as traditional methods

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