Kupferman Moshe


1926               was born in Byroslav, in South-East Poland
1948               moved to Israel
1949               participated in the founding of Kibbutz Lochmei Hagetaoth
1967               started to work full time as a painter
Lived and worked in Kibbutz Lochmei Hagetaoth
2003               died in June

Solo Exhibitions 

1958               Holocaust Museum, Kibbutz Lochmei Hagetaoth
1960               Art Gallery Zamrinsky, Tel-Aviv, Israel
1962               Holocaust Museum, Kibbutz Lochmei Hagetaoth
1968               Holocaust Museum, Kibbutz Lochmei Hagetaoth
1969               Oil paintings, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem
1971               "Moshe Kupferman - Drawings", Mabat Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel
1972               Gordon Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel
                       Haifa Museum of New Art, Haifa, Israel
1973               Gordon Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel
                       Gallery Rina (Berta Ordang), New York and Jerusalem
1974               Oil paintings, Gallery Rina (Berta Ordang) New York
1975               Kupferman - Oil paintings, The Kibbutz Gallery, Tel-Aviv
1976               "Kupferman Drawings 1976", Sarah Levy Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel
1978               "Divided Pages", Sarah Levy Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel
                       "Kupferman", Tel-Aviv Museum of Art, Tel-Aviv, Israel
                       "Sensible Exploration", The University Art Gallery, Columbus, Ohio, USA
1979               "Inhabited Pages", Gimmel Gallery, Jerusalem
                       Brooklyn Museum, New York
1980               Gallery Berta Ordang, New York
                       Woodworth Museum, Atmium, Connecticut, USA
                       "Divided Pages (continued)", Sarah Levy Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel
1981               Drawings, Stadtlik Museum, Amsterdam, Holland
1982               Shirley Serf Gallery, San Francisco, California, USA
                       Naomi Givon Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel
1983               National Museum, Stockholm, Sweden
1984               "Drawings - Work on Paper", The Israel Museum, Jerusalem
1984               "Drawing in Bad Times", Givon Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel
1985               "Drawings - Work on Paper", Tel-Aviv Museum of Art, Tel-Aviv, Israel
                       Sarah Gilat Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel
1987               "Papers 1987", Givon Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel
                       Kibbutz Beeri Gallery
                       Paintings and work on paper, Pompidou Center, Paris, France
1988               Winberger Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark
1989               "New Work on Paper", Gimmel Gallery, Jerusalem
                       Gallery of Kibbutz Lochmei Hagetaoth
1990               Givon Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel
                       Work on paper, Gimmel Gallery, Jerusalem
                       "Flac 91", Paris, France (through Jaquester Gallery)
                       Jaquester Gallery, Paris, France
1991               "Between Oblivion and Remembrance", North Carolina Museum, USA         
                       Dunkirk Museum, France
                       "Flac 91", Paris, France (through Jaquester Gallery)
1992               "Kupferman Drawings 1992", Givon Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel
                       Albright Knox Gallery, Buffalo, USA
                       Gallery Berta Ordang, New York, USA
                       Gallery Shigro Yokota, Tokyo, Japan
1993               "Scrolls and Other Possibilities", Sarah Levy Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel
                       Work on paper, Shtoki Museum, Lodz, Poland
1994               "Marginal Works", Gallery of Kibbutz Lochmei Hagetaoth
                       Artfair, Basel, Switzerland (represented by Givon Gallery)
1995               Kibbutz Cabri Gallery
                       Gallery Shigro Yokota, 50 years after the bombing of Hiroshima, Tokyo, 
1996               Brought together, Givon Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel
1997               Gallery Shigro Yokota, Tokyo, Japan
1998               "Moshe Kupferman - Work Diary 1996 - 1998", Tel-Aviv Museum of Art, Tel-
                       Aviv, Israel
                       Joint exhibition of Gallery of Kibbutz Lochmei Hagetaoth and Kibbutz Cabri 
                       "Several Canvases 98", Gallery of Kibbutz Rosh Hanikra
                       Prints, "The Gallery on the Cliff", Natanya, Israel
                       Cleveland Center of Contemporary Art, Cleveland, Ohio, USA
1998               "Moshe Kupferman's Scrolls", Museum of Jewish History and Art, Paris, 
1999               "Pilot", Kalisher School, Tel-Aviv, Israel
2000               Kibbutz Beeri Gallery
                       Drawings following "The Imprisoned Bird",  the last book of poems by 
                       Yair Horwitz, Poetry Festival, Border Museum, Metullah, Israel
2002               "All the Way and One More Step", The Israel Museum, Jerusalem
2003               "General Effort", Givon Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel
2004               "Cardboards", the "Kupferman Collection" exhibition space, Kibbutz 
                       Lochmei Hagetaoth
                       "4 Scrolls, a Year after his Death", Herzliya Museum, Herzliya, Israel
                       "With Kupferman after Kupferman with Kupferman", Givon Gallery, Tel-Aviv, 
2004               "Kupferman Collection, prints in exhibition space, Kibbutz Lochnei 

Group Exhibitions
1952               Exhibition of artists of the United Kibbutz Movement, Kibbutz Naan, Israel
1958               Exhibition on behalf the collective agricultural labor settlements, Tel Aviv 
                       Museum of Art, Tel-Aviv, Israel
1963               "New Horizons", Mishkan for Art, Eyn Harod, Israel
1964               Exhibition of Israeli artists, Cherpantier Gallery, Paris, France
1965               Fall Exhibition, Tel-Aviv Museum of Art, Tel-Aviv, Israel
1966               Fall Exhibition, Tel-Aviv Museum of Art, Tel-Aviv, Israel
1968               "Israel on Paper", San Francisco Museum of Art, San Francisco, Cal., USA
1969               Albany Gallery of Art, Albany, N.Y., USA
1970               Exhibition of works of Israeli artists from the collection of the Haifa Museum 
                       of Art, Haifa, Israel
1971               "Artists of the Abstract", Artists' House, Tel-Aviv, Israel
1972               Gallery Rina (Berta Ordang), New York, USA
1973               "4 Israeli Artists", work on paper, traveling exhibition in European art 
                       centers (under the auspices of the Israel Ministry of Education and Foreign 
1974               "Drawing Above and Beyond", The Israel Museum, Jerusalem
1975               "A Gesture to Long", Julie M. Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel
                        Worcester Museum, Worcester, Mass., USA
1976               10 artists from Israel, Louisina Museum, Copenhagen, Denmark
1977               "Marginal Papers", Sarah Levy Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel
                       10 artists from Israel, Louisina Museum, Denmark
1978               "Exhibition 6", The Kibbutz Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel
                       Graphics Gallery, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem
1980               "Lines to Draw", The Israel Museum, Jerusalem
1981               "Process and Print", Print Workshop, Flors Miller Center, Jerusalem
                       "Trends in Israel Art 1970-1980", Jewish Museum, New York, USA
1982               "Arterper 82", Graphics Biennale, Bilbao, Spain
1983               "Artists Exhibit in Eylon", Kibbutz Eylon Gallery, Israel
1984               The Charlie Murex Collection, Galleries of Kibbutz Eylon, Lochmei
                       Hagetaoth and Cabri, Israel
                       "Drawings 1974-1984", Hirshhorn Museum, Washington, D.C., USA
1985               Givon Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel
1986               "Material Poverty as a Quality in Israeli Art", Tel-Aviv Museum of Art, Tel-
                       Aviv, Israel
                       "Territories of Color", Israeli Pavilion, 42nd Biennale of Venice, Italy
1987               "Flac 87", Paris, France, (through Jaquester Gallery)
1988               Berkley, California, USA
1989               "Organic Landscape", Sarah Levy Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel
                       "Israeli Art: in the Shadow of the Conflict", Jewish Museum, New York, USA
1990               "Drawing - Material", Gimmel Gallery, Jerusalem
                       "Kibbutz Painters in Town", Kobola, Finland
                       "From Chagall to Kitai - the Jewish Experience in Art in the 20th Century", 
                       Barbican Art Gallery, London, England
1991               "Israeli Art Now - Enlarged Exhibition", Tel-Aviv Museum of Art, Tel-Aviv, 
                       "Art in Israel Today", Detroit Institute of Art, Detroit, Mich., USA
1992               Bezalel Academy of Art, Jerusalem
1993               "To Touch the Material to Touch the Spirit", Sarah Levy Gallery, Tel-Aviv, 
                       "Drawings / Dessins",  Bronfman Center, Montreal, Canada
1994               "In New Lines - Contemporary Israeli Drawing, Israel Museum, Jerusalem
                       "Strong Emphases", Israel Museum, Jerusalem
1995               Triennale - Carnegie International 1995, Kennedy Museum, Pittsburg, 
                       Pennsylvania, USA
1996               "Map of Memory", Commemoration Space in Memory of Itzchak Rabin, Land 
                       of Israel Museum, Tel-Aviv, Israel
                       "Long Memory / Short Memory", Municipal Gallery of Contemporary Art, 
                       North Carolina, USA
1997               Berta Ordang Collection, Um el Faham Gallery, Israel
                       "Passion for Books", Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Tel-Aviv, Israel
1998               "The First Ten Years 1975-1985", Sarah Levy Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel
                       "Ninety Years of Israeli Art", selection from the collection of Hachmi - the 
                       Israeli Phoenix, Tel-Aviv Museum of Art, Tel-Aviv, Israel  
                       Exhibition of Books by Artists, Passage Deretz, Paris, France
2002               "Drawn in the Net", traveling exhibition, Haifa University Gallery, Arad 
                       Museum and Bat-Yam Museum, Israel
2003               Print Exhibition Inspired by Hanoch Levine, The Cameri Theater Gallery, 
                       Tel-Aviv, Israel

1971               Schiff Prize of the Haifa Municipality for the work "Painting"
1972               Sandberg Prize, Israel Museum, Jerusalem
1991               Haim Gamzo Prize for the Advancement of the Arts, Tel-Aviv Museum of Art
1995               Prize of Sussman Fund, Yad Vashem, Jerusalem
1998               Eugen Kolb Prize for Israeli Graphics, Tel-Aviv Museum of Art
2000               Israel Prize for Art


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