Dorchin Ya'akov


Born in Haifa, 1946
Lives and works in Kibbutz Kfar Hachoresh
1990               Represented Israel at the Venice Biennale
Since 1991 Teaches in the Art Department at the University of Haifa 
1997-2001 Head of the Art Department, University of Haifa
Since 2015 Head of Basis School of Arts, Herzliya 
Selected Solo Exhibitions 
1969 "Deformations", Mabat Gallery, Tel Aviv
1970 "Sculpture", Mabat Gallery, Tel Aviv
1975 "Environmental Exhibition", Mabat Gallery, Tel Aviv 
"Sculpture", Hakibbutz Gallery, Tel Aviv 
"Sculpture", Julie M. Gallery, Tel Aviv 
"An Angel in an Irish Landscape", Givon Gallery, Tel Aviv
"Etching", Meimad Katan Gallery, Tel Aviv 
"Sculpture", Sara Levy Gallery, Tel Aviv 
"Sculpture", Alfa Kruck Gallery, Alsdorf, Germany 
"Sculpture", the Venice Biennale (Israeli representative); curator: Adam Baruch
"Drawings", Memorial Center, Kiryat Tivon 
"Sculpture", Kibbutz Neve Ur 
1976 "Sculpture", Hakibbutz Gallery, Tel Aviv
1977 "Paintings", Mabat Gallery, Tel Aviv
1980 "Drawings", Sara Levy Gallery, Tel Aviv 
1981 "Drawings", Shenar Gallery, Tel Aviv
1983 "Drawings", Graphica III Gallery, Haifa 
1984 "Sculpture", Hakibbutz Gallery, Tel Aviv 
1985 "Sculpture", Gordon Gallery, Tel Aviv
1987 "Sculpture", Gordon Gallery, Tel Aviv
1988 "Sculpture", Gordon Gallery, Tel Aviv
1989 "Sculpture", Gordon Gallery, Tel Aviv
1990 "Sculpture", sculpture for the Venice Biennale, The Museum of Israeli Art, Ramat Gan  
        "Sculpture", Kibbutz Cabri Gallery 
1991 "Sculpture", Gordon Gallery, Tel Aviv
1992 "Sculpture", Sara Levy Gallery, Tel Aviv
1993 "Sculpture", Artists’ Studio, Tel Aviv
1994 "Sculpture", Kibbutz Lochamei Haghettaot Gallery
1995 "Blocked Well", Tel Aviv Museum of Art
2001 "Various Sculptures", a tribute to Avi Horovitz on the fifth anniversary of his death, Kibbutz Lochamei Haghettaot 
"Various Sculptures", Artists’ Studios, Tel Aviv
2002 "Bare Iron", Goren Art Gallery, Emek Israel Academic College
‏2003 "Two-Dimensional Works – Yaacov Dorchin – The Drawings", The Open Museum, Industrial Park, Tefen
        "Monkeys’ Cradle", Gordon Gallery, Tel Aviv
‏2004 "Exit to the Sea", Time for Art, Tel Aviv
2005 "Small Sculptures", Gordon Gallery, Tel Aviv
2006 "Ripples of Steel", Yaacov Dorchin, Gabriel House, Jordan Valley 
2009 "Iron Folds and Line Gestures", Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Tel Aviv (cat.)
2012 "New Works", Atelier Shemi, Kibbutz Cabri
2013 "Wandering Angel", Gordon Gallery, Tel Aviv
2017 "Stella Maris", Gordon Gallery, Tel Aviv 
Selected Group Exhibitions 
1967 Hakibbutz Gallery, Tel Aviv
1968 "For and Against", The 10+Group, Gallery 220, Tel Aviv
1969 "10+ Group Circle", Gordon Gallery, Tel Aviv
1971 "December 71", The Association of Painters and Sculptors, Tel Aviv
1979 "The Line", Hakibbutz Gallery, Tel Aviv
1982 "A Tribute to Henry Shelesnyak", Sara Levy Gallery, Tel Aviv
1983 "Artists Exhibition in Eilon", Kibbutz Eilon, Upper Galilee; curator: Igal Tumarkin (cat.)
1984 "Catastrophe", Jerusalem Theater; curator: Gideon Ofrat 
        "80 Years of Sculpture", Israel Museum, Jerusalem 
        "Two Years of Israeli Art: Accumulated Qualities", Tel Aviv Museum 
        "Israeli Art Now", The C. Mayorkas Collection, Herzliya Museum
1986 "The Want Of Matter: A Quality in Israeli Art", Tel Aviv Museum
1987 "Contemporary Art Meeting", Tel Hai
1988-1990 "Forty Artists from Israel", Brooklyn Museum, New York; Bass Museum of Art, Miami Beach, Florida; Museum of Modern Art, Mexico City, Mexico 1989; Joods Historisch Museum, Amsterdam, Holland; Centro Congressi Stazione Martittima, Trieste, Italy; Casa della Città, Rome, Italy; Museo dell’Automobile Carlo Biscaretti di Ruffia, Torino, Italy; Sala Wystawowa Gmachu Sarp, Warsaw, Poland; Galeria Mesta Bratislavy, Yugoslavia; National Gallery, Prague, Czechoslovakia; Municipal Gallery, Berlin, Germany; Museum der Blidenden Künste Leipzig, Germany
1989  "Outdoor Sculpture", Herzliya Museum
"Kunst Fra Israel", Nikolaj Museum, Denmark
1990  "Israel Festival", Jerusalem Theater 
"The Sculpture Biennale", Ein Hod 
"A Permanent Exhibition", Sculpture Garden, Ramat Efal 
"The Column in Israeli Art", Tel Aviv University Art Gallery 
"Windows", Omanut La’am, Travelling Exhibition
1991  "Israel Festival", Jerusalem Theater 
"Tribute to the Poetry of Meir Wieseltier", Beit Hatarbut, Natanya 
"Iron in Common", Herzliya Museum 
"Triangle Artists Workshop", 10th Anniversary, New York 
"North", The Open Museum, Tefen 
"Works on Paper", Artists’ Studios, Tel Aviv 
Kalisher-5 Gallery, Tel Aviv 
"80 Years of the Kibbutz Movement", Hakibbutz Gallery, Tel Aviv 
"The Presence of the Absent: The Empty Chair in Israeli Art", Tel Aviv University Art Gallery 
"Contemporary Israeli Sculpture", Hara Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo, Japan 
The National Museum of Modern Art, Seoul, Korea 
"Art and Industry", Textile Center, Tel Aviv 
"Contemporary Israeli Art", Salle Saint-Georges, Liège, Belgium
1993  "Eye Contact" (with Yair Garbuz and Raffi Lavie), Artists’ Studios, Tel Aviv 
"Twin Exhibition (Igal Tumarkin)", Mabat Gallery, Tel Aviv 
"New Acquisitions 1991-1993", Museum of Modern Art, Haifa
1994  "Israeli Sculpture at Tefen in the Last Decade", The Open Museum, Tefen
2001  "The Vera, Silvia and Arturo Schwartz Collection of Contemporary Art", Tel Aviv Museum of Art
‏2003  "Self Portrait", Gordon Gallery, Tel Aviv
2004  "Couple Swapping", Gordon Gallery, Tel Aviv
2005 "Tiere und Kunst aus Israel: Yosef Schlein und Yaacov Dorchin", Zoologischen Staatssammlung, Munchen
2005  "Garbuz and Dorchin – The Joint Exhibition", The Art Gallery, University of Haifa
2005  "Handwriting", Gordon Gallery, Tel Aviv
2006  "Detail", Gordon Gallery, Tel Aviv 
2012  "Parallel", Gordon Gallery, Tel Aviv
"After", Gordon Gallery, Tel Aviv
2015        "Charred. Rusted. Drawings.", Gordon Gallery, Tel Aviv
Selected Prizes and Awards 
1989  Minister of Education and Culture Prize for Painting and Sculpture
2004  Emet Prize, Culture and Arts: Sculpture, The A.M.N Foundation
2011 The Israel Prize for Visual Arts
Selected Collections and Sculptures in Public Spaces 
Collection of the Tel Aviv Museum of Art
Collection of the Israel Museum, Jerusalem
Collection of the Haifa Museum of Contemporary Art
Blocked Well with Lily, carved in iron, Tel Aviv University
Pool with Four Fish, iron, Tel Hai 1987
Pool with Ark of Fish, iron, Herzliya Museum 1989
A Well and Four Dogs, iron, Tel Aviv 1991
Sculpture at the Carmelit (Gan Ha’em Station), Carmel, Haifa
Sukkah, iron, Kibbutz Neve Ur 1993
Blocked Well, steel, collection of The Open Museum, Tefen 1994
Wells, University of Haifa
Chariot, Ness Ziona, 2002


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