Harel Dov


Short biography

I was born in Kfar Saba in 1948.  After my military service I studied Mathematics in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Bsc and MSc degrees) and then in the U.S. Computer Science (MSc and PhD) in UC Irvine. After years in the Computer Science field I have retired. I have been sketching all my life, and  in the last ten years have been dedicating my time to art (see below). In the years 2000-2003 I studies in the academy for geographic photography, in Tel Aviv, and a continuation year, and participated in the graduates exihibition plus selected works in Tel Hai Photography Museum. From 2003 to 2010 I studied in The Oranim College in Tivon, including participation in group exhibitions. Currently live in Haifa, and work in drawing, etching, painting and photography. Was a member of the Red House Art Gallery, (Hence: “The Red House”), Tel Aviv, until its closure in 2014.


Professional Education

1970-1975 BSc and MSc in Mathematics and Statistics in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (HUJ)

1975-1980 MSc and PhD in Computer Science, The University of California, Irvine (UCI)

2000-2002 The Institute for Geographic Photography In Tel Aviv

2002-2003 A continuation year in Photography with Micky Kratzman

2000-2005 Artists Studio, Painting with Eli Shamir

2003-2005 Artist Studio, Drawing and Aquarelle with Dani Zak

2005-2006 Sculpture with Salo Saul

2007-2008 Etching with Dorit Ringert, the Etching workshop at Oranim

2009-2017 Took several courses both in the Gottesman Etching Center Kibbutz Cabri and in the Jerusalem print workshop

                   Worked independently in the Gottesman Etching Center Kibbutz Cabri. 

                   Took workshops of various lengths with Shahar Sivan, Talia Benabu, Rotem Amizur, Catherin Kehoe and John Dubrow. 


Solo Exhibitions:

2008          "First Time", Minus 200 Galerie, Ein Gev, Israel

2009          "Two wings and a cat in the window" (With Nava Harel Shoshani), Beit Gavriel in the Kinneret, the new Gallery. Curator: Salo Shaul (Catalog)

2010          "No One to Visit on the Way Up North" (Guest artist: Nava Harel Shoshani), The Red House, Tel Aviv, Israel. Curator: Salo Shaul

2010          "Rashumon", Kibutz Mahanaim art Gallery. Curator: Salo Shaul

2013          “Readymade Shmedymade” (with Nava Harel Shoshani), Gallery 121, Tel Aviv, Israel. Curatoe: Lior Steiner

2013          “A Colective State of Mind?”, The Red House, Tel Aviv, Israel. Curator:  Merav Shin Ben Alon

2014          “Ready Mayday”, (With Nava Harel Shoshani), Gallery of Kibutz Mahanaim. Curator: Salo Shaul


Group Exhibitions:

2003          The Institute for Geographic Photography, Graduates group exhibition.  Also shown as a part of the selected works exhibition in the Photography Museum in Tel Hai, Israel

2004          The Institute for Geographic Photography, Graduates of the continuation year exhibition  

2005          Oranim Graduates exhibition, as a “One on One” program graduate

2008          Group exhibit of the Arie Roitman Etching workshop of Oranim

2008          "First Chance #1", Group Exhibition in Agripas 12, Jerusalem. Curators: Shimon Lev

2009          Opening Group Exhibition, the Red House, Tel Aviv, Israel

2010          “What’s between Marilyn Monroe, a Red Dress, and the Barnes Foundation?”,  Beit Hagefen, Haifa, Israel

2010          “Winter”, The Red House Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel

2011          “Kav” (Line), The Red House, Tel Aviv, Israel. Curator:  Naomi Tedeski

2011          "There are no Black Flowers", Pyramida Haifa, Israel. Curatoe Yehuda Yatsiv

2011          "Etched Time", Shoham Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel. Curator: Adina Kay

2011          “Niyar Avoda Baenaim” – Preliminary Paper Works, Herzl 121, Tel Aviv, Israel. Curator: Orna Oren

2011          "Black & White", The Red House, Tel Aviv, Israel

2012          “Avoda Baenaim 2” Follow up exhibit, Beit Igal Alon, Genosar, Israel 

2012          “Is it a Self Portrait?”, The Red House, Tel Aviv, Israel. Curators: Shlomo Harpaz & Itzi Shwartz (Catalog)

2014          “70 Faces” – Closure exhibition of The Red House gallery members in Tel Aviv, Israel

2015          “Salon Hakubia 2015”, Hakubia, Jerusalem. Curators: Ella CohenVansover and Dan Orimian

2017          “50 Hamsin – About the Occupation”, Shalom Art Gallery, Gival Haviva, Israel. Curator: Anat Lidror

2017          Model group exhibition by memebrs of the “Waiting in the Corner” group, Ruthi Meyuhas Studio, in Massada 26 A, Haifa, Israel; Co Curated with Motti Shoval

2017          The 5-th “Printmaking Biannale” in memory of Ora Lahav Shealtiek, Shmurat Ein Afek, Israel; Curator: Haya Weishaus

2017          (future) “Salon Hakubia 2017”, Hakubia, Jerusalem. Curators: Ella CohenVansover and Dan Orimian


Special projects: 

2008          Artist book, “No one to visit on the way up north (temporary name)” 12 prints, printed at the Gottesman Etching Center, Kibbutz Cabri

2008          “Foot Prints” The Karmiel sculpture project, The Galeilee Park, Israel

2011          Initiated and Curated (with Naomi Gafni) a series of two continuation exhibitions (“What’s Between the Doll Zahava, a Wedding Dress and the Barnes Foundation?”, “What’s Between a Black Square, a White Cat, and and the Barnes Foundation?”), The Red House, Tel Aviv, Israel

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