Ohana Ofra


Born 1984 in Israel
2012             B.A. "Hamidrasha School Of Art", Beit-Berl, Israel
Since 2013  Member of P8 Cooperative Gallery
Solo Exhibition:
2015      "Leopard Skin", P8 Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel
Group Exhibition
2015     "3RD Generation", Station for Contemporery Art, Ramle. Curators:Ami Faytchevitz &               Yonatan Gold
              "Painting Slon", The Cube,Jerusalem. Curators: Dan Orimian & Ella Cohen Vansover
2014     "Common Ground", P8 Gallery, Tal Aviv, Israel. Curator:Annabelle Shemer
              "Made Un Tel Aviv", Kibutz Genosar Gallery, Israel. Curator: Nava Harel Shoshani
2013     "Winter Salon", Jaffa Art Salon, Tel Aviv,Israel. Curator:Yaara Oren
              "Color Phenomenon", P8 Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel. Curators: Tal Slutzker & Itay Zalait
              "Eye Territory", Diaghilev Lve Art, Tel Aviv,Israel. Curators: Timna & Moshe Ash
              "Fresh Paint 6" Art Fair, Artists' Greenhouse, Tel Aviv, Israel. Curators: Matan Daube & Yifaat Gurion
2012     "Spring Salon", Jaffa Art Salon, Tel Aviv, Israel. Curator: Yaara Oren
              Graduation Exhibition, "Hamidrasha" school of art, Beit Berl, Israel. Curators: Erez Israeli & Barak Raviz
2008-2012  Full exellence scholarship, Minestery of Education      


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