Gershuni Uri


1970 Born in israel
2008-2009 Bezalel academy of art and design, MFA studies, Israel.
1992-1996 Bezalel academy of art and design, BFA studies, Israel.
1995 Cooper union art school, exchange program, NY, USA
Teaching positions
Bezalel academy for art and design, Jerusalem
Wizo academy for art and design, Haifa
Shenkar college for art and design, Ramat-Gan
Minshar school of art, Tel-Aviv
working experience
Yedioth Aharonoth newspaper
Haaretz newspaper
Prizes, Awards, scholarships and residencies
2014     Residency scholarship on behalf of Bronner foundation, Northrheine westfelie culture foundation and Goethe institute, Düsseldorf, Germany
2012     Israel’s Minister of Culture ‘Art Encouragement’ Award
2012     Prize for research in the field of photography on behalf of the Shpillman institute
2008     Residency at Cove Park, Scotland
2007     Heskia Hacmun award
2005     Young photographers award on behalf of Haifa museum of art
2000     Minister of education and culture award for young israeli artist
1995     Special presidential grant for excellence, Bezalel academy, Jerusalem
Solo exhibitions
2015    Apollo and the chimney-sweeper, Israel museum, Jerusalem
             Nothing but darkness, Chelouche gallery, Tel-aviv
2013    photobook #1, Hamidrasha art gallery, Beit-Berl
             Publish, Volume gallery, Berlin, Germany
2012    Yesterday's sun, Chelouche gallery, Tel-aviv
             Eye contact, Inga gallery, Tel-Aviv
2011    Selective mutism, Tel-aviv museum, Tel-aviv
2010    Day and night, Inga gallery, Tel-aviv
2007    Yad, Axel Springer, Berlin, Germany
2006    Department, Hamidrasha art gallery, Beit-Berl
2005    Dark ages, sadnaot haomanim gallery, Tel-aviv
2001    Cruciferae family, Machanyim art gallery, Machanayim
2000    Decent swinishness, line 16 gallery, Tel-aviv
1999    I have a gigantic electricity bill too, Hifa museum of art, Haifa
Group exhibitions
2016    Kumsitz, Kunst im Tunnel, Düsseldorf, Germany
             Father, Father, P8 gallery, Tel-aviv
             Between Synapses, Jerusalem Artist’s House, Jerusalem
             Seismograph, Grand Art, Haifa
2015    Lost scapes, Voss gallery, Düsseldorf, Germany
             Visions of place, Stedman gallery, Camden, NJ
             Experiences, Paris
             Temporary Relocation, Herzliya museum of contemporary art, Herzliya
             Vulnerability, Makom Leumanut, Tel-aviv
2014    Double exposure, The S.I.P., Tel-aviv
             Dynasties, Haifa museum of art, Israel
             Power of attraction, Rosenfeld gallery, Tel-aviv
             Special edition, Mayer building, Tel-aviv
             Portrait, Shenkar art gallery, Ramat-gan
             Ziz print, Ziz gallery, Tel-aviv
             Journeys, Isarel museum, Jerusalem
2013    The first day, 100 years gallery, London
             Be my guest, Haagaf gallery, Haifa
             food processor, Hachashmal 31 gallery, Tel-Aviv
             The wilderness my brother wanders, Musrara art gallery, Jerusalem
             The solitary body, Cact Ticino, switzerland
             What is about to come, Binyamin gallery, Tel-Aviv
             Currents, Feinberg projects gallery, Tel-Aviv
             Knitted notes, CCA, Tel-Aviv
             On paper, Chelouche gallery, Tel-Aviv
             Time after time, Chelouche gallery, Tel-Aviv
             Ministry of culture awards, Ashdod museum, Ashdod
             Secular religion, University gallery, Raanana
             Night stamp, Beit-Hayir gallery, Tel-Aviv
             Statues, Hachalalit gallery, Tel-Aviv
             Local pulse, Artist's house gallery, Tel-Aviv
2012    Art on buildings, Beit Ariela, Tel-aviv
             Teachers, Peyilla gallery, jaffa, Tel-Aviv
             Black box, photography festival, Tel-aviv
             A different place, Dana gallery, Yad-Mordechai
             Random, BAAD gallery, Tel-Aviv
             Photopoetics #2, Musrara gallery, Jerusalem
             Cabinets of wonder, Herzlia museum, Herzlia
             Camera obscura, Space shuttle, Tel-Aviv
             Remembering Boaz Tal, Artist's house gallery, Tel-Aviv
             The archive, fresh paint, Tel-Aviv
             Culture club, Kfar-Saba city gallery, Kfar-saba
             A separation, Cact Ticino, switzerland
             End of the world, Meyuhas gallery, Tel-aviv
2011    True colors, Soho gallery, London
             A Road to Nowhere, Ashdod museum of art, Ashdod
             Human nature, Artist's house, Tel-aviv
             Casino Ayalon, Bezalel-salame art gallery, Tel-aviv
             Noise, Baaley Hamelacha gallery, Tel-aviv
             The Beauty of Mistake, the Spaceship at Hayarkon 70, Tel Aviv
             A piece of cake, artist's house, Tel-aviv
2010    Re-location, Chelouche art gallery, Tel-aviv
             Be my guest, Diaghilev, Tel-aviv
             Relocation, Tavi art gallery, Tel-aviv
             Net games, Baaley hamelacha gallery, Tel-aviv
             Art couture, Bineth gallery, Tel-aviv
             Who is a predator, Whcreation
             Living room, Tel-aviv museum, Tel-aviv
             Sex-sin, Hachalalit gallery, Tel-aviv
             Calm before the storm, Winzavod art centre, Moscow, Russia
2009    Self service, Hachalalit gallery, Tel-aviv
             Four openings in israeli art, Bezalel-Salame gallery, Tel-aviv
             Men. Inga gallery, Tel-aviv
             Ethics- Esthetics, artist's house, Tel-aviv
             Z-B-A, Gal-on gallery, Tel-aviv
             Industry, mfa graduates, Hatachana, Tel-aviv
2008    Eventually we'll die, young israeli art of the 90's, Herzlia museum of art, Herzlia
             Youth, Musrara art gallery, Jerusalem
             The homes of others, Israel museum, Jerusalem
             Streetwise, Mishkenot shaananim gallery, Jerusalem
             The secret viewer, Tmuna gallery, Tel-aviv
             Snapshot, Ramleh city gallery, Ramleh
             Click....grrrr..., Haifa univercity gallery, Haifa
             Mama's boy, Port-house gallery, Tel-aviv
             Flock, Bezalel-Salame gallery, Tel-aviv
2007    Sleep, Rishon lezion city gallery, Rishon lezion
             Closer, D&A gallery, Tel-aviv
             Stills, Oranim art institute, Oranim
             Passion, Haoman, Tel-aviv
             Desert generation, Hakibutz gallery, Tel-aviv
             My beloved pornography, Artist's house, Tel-aviv
             City space, Photorio festival, Rio de jeneiro, Brazil
             Boys craft, Haifa museum of art, Haifa
             Sweet 16, Bat Yam museum of art, Bat Yam
             Public garden, Artist's house, Tel-aviv
             It is not israeli art, Tmuna gallery, Tel-aviv
             Portraits, Artneuland gallery, Berlin, Germany     
2006    Men, Ramat Gan museum, Ramat Gan
             After, Petach tikva museum, Petach tikva
2005    Books, Israel museum, Jerusalem
             Omanut Haaretz festival, Riding power station, Tel-aviv
             Non stop art, Sadnaot haomanim, Tel-aviv
             Reunion, Braverman gallery, Tel-aviv
             In those days, Beit Reuvan, Tel-aviv
             Rose ce'st la vie, Tel-aviv museum, Tel-aviv
             Marshim, Marseille art centre, Marseille, France
             Portraits, Artspace, Tel-aviv
2003    Side effect, Hamidrasha gallery, Tel-aviv
             Mother, Oranim art gallery, Oranim
             Home, Haifa univercity gallery, Haifa
2002    Behind closed doors, Herzlia museum of art, Herzlia
             Fragile line, Um el fahem art gallery, Um el fahem
2001    Utility furniture, Line 16 gallery, Tel-aviv
             Plastic sheet, A.A. Silver gallery, Tel-aviv
             Minister of culture prize for young artist, Ramat Gan museum, Ramat Gan
2000    Between the mountain and the sea, Haifa city museum, Haifa
1999    Prologue, Hilton hotel, Tel-aviv
             Emerging artists, Sotheby's, Tel-aviv
1997    Ho mama, Ramat Gan museum of art, Ramat Gan
             Winter dreamers, Nehama gallery, Tel-aviv
             Chosen graduates, Cooper union, New-york, USA
S.T.H magazine, issue 168, 2010, USA
Kink magazine, issue 07, 2008, Spain
Limbus. Place. photography., art book, 2008, Israel
A5 magazine, issue 6:sex, 2008, Israel
A5 magazine, issue 4:portrait, Israel
Sleek magazine, issue 16, 2007, Germany
Mono.kultur magazine, issue 12, 2007, Germany
Mikarov magazine, issue 15, 2005, Israel
Mikarov magazine, issue 10, 2002, Israel
Hamidrasha magazine, issue 4: art/text, 2001, Israel
Other Activities
2014    Curator of 'Nehushtan', a group exhibitio, Chelouche gallery, Tel-aviv
2014    Curator of 'Horror film', a group exhibitio, International photography festival, Rishon-lezion
2013    Curator of 'Yekaterina the great', solo exhibition of valerie bikowski, Haifa museum of art
2012    Curator of 'Incident light', solo exhibition of Sasha Flit, Indie gallery, Tel-aviv
2011    Curator of 'chatima tova', a group exhibition, Inga gallery, Tel-aviv
2010    Curator of 'sofia', an exhibition by Bianca eshel gershuni, Inga gallery, Tel-aviv
1993-present    Teaching photography at the following institutes: Bezalel academy of art, Wizzo academy, Shenkar institute, Minshar art school
2009-present    a photogarpher for Haaretz newspaper and magazine
2003-2007         a photographer for Yedioth aharonot newspaper and magazine
Israel museum, Jerusalem
Tel-aviv museum of art
Haifa museum of art
Petach Tikva museum
The S.I.P. 
Private collections


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