Heller Dov


Artist. Works in painting, drawing, printing, installation and environmental sculpture

1937 Born in Romania

1949 Immigrated to Israel

Lives and works in Kibbutz Nirim, Israel


1964-1962 Studied at the Avni Institute in Tel Aviv

1968-1972 Studied at the Bezalel Academy in Jerusalem

Taught for 20 years at Bezalel Academy

Founded and coordinated the Kibbutz Print Workshop in Tel Aviv

Established an artistic and creative center at Kibbutz Nirim, Israel


Since 1962 - Participated in many group exhibitions


Selected solo exhibitions

1973 "The Green Line", Kibbutz Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel

1975-1978 Ha-Kibbutz Ha-Artzi House, Tel Aviv, Israel

1992 "Eilon - Nirim" Precipitation Map "View in Nature", joint exhibition with Yaacov Hefetz, Kibbutz Eilon and Kibbutz Nirim, Israel

2005 "A Journey Against the Current", Utah Sun, Ramat Hasharon Cemetery, Israel

2008 "May 2008", The New Gross Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel

2009 "Ness Café", New Gross Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel


His statues placed in public places, such as the President's Forest, Jerusalem; Mount Sodom; The grove of Saint-Simon, Jerusalem; The Frog, Rambam Street, Jerusalem and more


He was one of the founders of the "Kibbutz Group" in 1977 and was a member of it for 12 years


Heller often mentions May 1st and May 9th - Day of Victory over the Nazis - with borscht and herring. From his place in Kibbutz Nirim Heller deals with the myth of communism and its potential today. Heller set up an engraving workshop on the kibbutz, where he holds the May Days ceremonies.


Heller is a mixed artist who uses various means - painting, printing, sculpture, installation - to respond to a reality built of many conflicts - kibbutz and city, periphery and center, agriculture and art. It is Heller's social-political awareness that dictates the consistent transitions in his work between conventional and guerilla art.

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