Serber Sasha


1973               Born in Moldova
1992               Emigrated to Israel
1995-1999     Basis School of Sculpture
1988-1992     Repin Art College, Kishinev, B.A. in Fine Art and Education
Selected Group Exhibitions 
2011               'Schooling’, Bat Yam Museum
2011               International graphic art biennial, dry point, City  Gallery of Uzice, Uzice, Serbia
2011               'Creativity encouragement award winners' exhibition', Ramat Gan museum of Contemporary Art
2011               'Two years after', Ramat Gan museum of Contemporary Art 
2011               Winter exhibition 2010-2011, Gotesman engraving center, Cabri 
2010               'After math', Nicelle Beauchene gallery, New-York 
2009               'The roaring stuffed animal’, Beit Shturman, Ein Harod, Israel 
2008               'Post Pop’, Comics Museum, Holon , Israel 
2008               'Signs of Life: Animating', Ticho House, The Israel museum,  Jerusalem, Israel 
2008               'Blind Spot', Petach-Tikva Museum of Art, Israel 
2007               'Well Done', Ramat Gan museum of Contemporary Art, Ramat Gan, Israel 
2007               'Sweet 16', Bat- Yam, Museum of Art, Bat- Yam , Israel 
2006               'Shamur Le'bikoret' (Saved for Revision), City Gallery, Ramla
2004               4th International Biennial of Contemporary Medals, F.E.D.E.M, Seixal, Portugal
2003               3rd International Biennial of Contemporary Medals, F.E.D.E.M, Seixal, Portugal
2003               Installation in Shenkin Garden, Tel Aviv, Curator: Ziv Peleg
2003               Memory, group exhibition, Notzar Theater, Jaffa, Curator: Ziv Peleg
2002               International medallic art competition, Anima Spiritus Violin
2002               F.E.D.E.M Medallic exhibition. Paris
2001               2nd International Biennial of Contemporary Medals, F.E.D.E.M, Seixal, Portugal
2000               Etching Exhibition, Basis Gallery
1999               F.E.D.E.M International Medallic exhibition. Weimar, Germany
1998               Henry Moore Jubilee Medallic exhibition
1992               Kishinev city gallery, Young Artists exhibition
Selected Solo Exhibition  
2011               ‘Laborious Object’, Heder Gallery, Tel Aviv, Curator : Neta Gal Azmon 
2011               'Here lies', Minshar gallery, March 2011, Tel-Aviv, Israel 
2011               'Catwoman', solo exhibition, Beit Ha’Omanim, February 2011, Tel-Aviv, Israel 
2010               'Farm in achva', Dresdner gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel 
2010               'The farm', gallery on the cliff, Netanya, curator: Monica lavi , Israel 
2009               'After math', harbes+partner gallery, Vienna 
2008               'Nicht Fin Unzara', Tavi Drezdner Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel 
2006               'Srefa Nora Yafa' (Very beautiful Fire), Ha'Kibutz Israeli Art Gallery
2004               'Kiryat Ha'Omanim' Gallery, Tivon
2003               Kibbutz Rosh Ha'Nikra Gallery
2002               Tova Ostman Gallery, Tel Aviv
2001               Basis School of Sculpture, Ein Vered
1993               City Gallery Netanya
2009 – 2011  Bezalel - Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem, Israel - Sculpture Lectures & workshop 
2009 – 2011  Minshar Art School, Tel-Aviv, Israel - Sculpture Lectures & workshop 
2008 – 2011  Shenkar College of Engineering and Design, Ramat-Gan, Israel - Sculpture Lectures & workshop 
2003, 2009    Haifa University, Israel - Sculpture & etching Lectures
2005 - 2006   Oranim Academic College
2003 - 2006   Kibbutz Artists Workshop
2004               'Ha'midrasha' School of Art, Beit-berl College
2003               Haifa University, Etching course
1999-2003     Basis School of Sculpture
2011               Pollock-Krasner Foundation – scholarship. 
2011               Rabinovitz foundation – scholarship for the 'Here lies' exhibition. 
2010               'Creativity encouragement award', Israel ministry of culture & sport 
2010               Rabinovitz foundation – scholarship for the project 'ruined jaffa house's front', installation. 
2009               Mifal Ha’pais – scholarship for the project ‘Leachar micen’, installation. 
2009               The Center For Contemporary Art - The Fund for Video-Art and Experimental Cinema in Israel with the support of the Israeli Film Council 
2002               Anima Spiritus Violin, citation 
2002               International Biennial of Contemporary Medals, Seixal, Portugal 
1998               Henry Moore Jubilee Medallic exhibition, citation 
Professional commissioned works  
Production of sculptural projects, urban and museum, for Israeli Artists in Herzelia Museum, Petach-Tikva Museum, Tel-Aviv Museum etc. for: Philip Renzer, Mosh Kashi, Gal Weinstein, Moti Mizrachi and others.
Urban Project (such as): 
Yitzhak Rabin memorial monument, Rabin square, Tel-Aviv – For the Artist Yael Arzi
Traffic Circle, Holon Industrial area – For the Artist Gideon Gechtman
Urban Sculpture in Herzelia – For the Artist Gal Weinstein
Interior and exterior Sculptures, Opera Building, Tel-Aviv – For the Artist Moti Mizrachi
Museum Projects (such as): 
'Hulah Valley, Tel-Aviv Museum, Helena Rubinstein Pavilion – For the Artist Gal Weinstein 
Professional independent works (plan, design and production) 
Nitzan Military Unit Memorial monument, Caesarea
Pal-Yam Memorial monument, Caesarea
Plaza and Memorial monument, Ruppin Academic Center
An active member of 'Saluna' art group: exhibitions and community activities, as with children in Shapira neighborhood Tel-Aviv.

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