Agassi Nelly


1973                   Born in Israel
2000-2001         M.F.A., Chelsea College of Art and Design, London

1999-2000         B.F.A Sculpture, Central Saint Martins, London
1994-1995         Foundation course, Central Saint Martins, London
Lives and works in Tel Aviv
Selected Solo Exhibitions
2017                  If You Could Hear a Pin Drop, Fernwey Gallery, Chicago
2014                  Down Where the Little Fishes Grow, Dvir Gallery, Tel Aviv
2013                  Theatrical Gestures - Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art, Herzliya
2012                  The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Israel
2011                  Keitelman Gallery, Brussels, Belgium
2009                  Contiuous Devotion, Kunstverein Friedberg, Germany
2008                  Foksal Gallery, Warsaw, Poland
                           Harbes+Partner Gallery, Vienna, Austria
2007                  Algarden Gallery, Sweden
2004                  "Borrowed Scenery", Nathan Gottesdiener Foundation, The Israeli Art 
2003                  IB Cube Gallery, Denmark "Je t'embrasse", Performance on the Pont Neuf, Paris, France 
                           "Je t'embrasse", Performance at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art IB Cube Gallery, Japan
2002                  "Palace of Tears", Ein Harod Museum of Art 
                           "Embroidering Light", Dvir Gallery, Tel Aviv
1999                  "No Stepping Outside the Lines and No Touching the Floor", Borochov Gallery & Camera Obscura, Tel-Aviv
1997                  "Knitting 2" (Performance), Windows Gallery, Central Saint Martins, London
Selected group Exhibitions
2013                  Theatrical Gestures - Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art, Herzliya, Israel
2012                  Parcour Saint Germain, Paris
                           Pluriel, group exhibition, Paris
                           Kupferman's House, Kibbutz Lohamei Ha'ghetaot, Israel 
2011                  Homage to Bas Jan Ader, Dvir Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel
2010                  Red Pieta, Dvir Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel 
                           Mutt 2O1O, 39 Gallery of Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv, Israel 
                           No Soul For Sale – A Festival of Independents, Tate Modern, London, UK 
                           Graphotec, Beit Ariela, Tel Aviv, Israel 
                           Nelly Agassi and Rita Alima, Kibbutz Be'eri Gallery, Kibbutz Be'eri, Israel
2009                  Units, Bat Yam Museum, Israel 
                           Dritto Rovescio, Milan Triennial, Design Museum, Italy 
                           "Rings of Saturn", Dvir Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel
2008                  Real Time – Art in Israel, 1998-2OO8, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Israel 
                           Layla, Young Israeli Art", New York, USA
2007                  "Perhaps exist two Loch Ness", Studio Gallery, Tel Aviv 
                           "Raw and Cooked", Art Gallery in Haifa University, Haifa 
                           "Dangerous Beauty", Chelsea Art Museum, New York
2006                  "[AFTER]", Petach Tikvah Museum of Art"Seduction", BAIT BANAMAL, Tel Aviv
2005                  "Dreaming Art/Dreaming Reality, Nathan Gottesdiener Foundation, 
                           The Israeli Art Prize: the First Decade", Tel Aviv Museum of Art 
                           Cabri Gallery for Israeli Art 
                           "WASSERWOÜNSCHE", collaboration with Claudia Hill [Germany, 
                           fashion designer],and Ori Drummer [Israel, multimedia artist]
2004                  "Embroidered Action", Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art
                           "A Point of View", Tel Aviv Museum of Art
2003                  "Affirmative Action", Tel Aviv Museum of Art
2002                  "Body Case", University Gallery, Haifa University
                           The 2nd Women's Performance Art Festival, Osaka, Japan
2001                  "Bridge Dress, A Visit to the Tate Modern" (Performance), 
                           Tate Modern, London 
                           "Bridge Dress ׀ The 520 Hotel" (Performance), Barcelona 
                           Degree Show, Chelsea College of Art and Design, London 
                           "Urban Nomads", South London Gallery, London 
                           "Hands", Israel Museum, Jerusalem "Making Hell", Avni Institute, Tel Aviv
2000                  "Video Library in the Office", Office in Tel Aviv Gallery, Tel Aviv  
                           "ZIMZUM" (Aktuelle Kunst aus Israel), Heidelberger Kunstverein, Heidelberg
1998                  Degree show, Central Saint Martins, London
1997                  Workshop & exhibition at Camden Art Center, London
                           Workshop in Poland, Central Saint Martins, London Academy of Fine Art, Poznan
1995                  Workshop & exhibition at Camden Art Center, London
2006                  Art Omi International Arts Center, New York
2003                  La Cité des Arts, Paris
2002                  Mino Paper Art Village Project, Japan
2011                  Ministry of Culture and Sport Prize

2008                  Award for artistic encouragement, Israel ministry of Science, Culture and Sport

2003                  Nathan Gottesdiener Foundation for Israeli Art Prize, Tel Aviv Museum of Art
2000-1               America-Israel Cultural Foundation Scholarship
2000                  Young Artist Prize
1999                  America-Israel Cultural Foundation Scholarship

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